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live life upp

upps is the first ever wellness company creating awesome stuff to inspire mental wellness and positivity.

think of us as your personal pick me upp when you need it most.

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our mission:

become the pick me upp to the world.

upps logo

positive psychology.

founded with a simple mission- pick people upp on a global scale & inspire us all to do the same.

upps mascot pupp


insatiably curious about the world above him, our International Spokespuppy is always looking up.




Mandy Antoniacci, Author and Founder of upps

mandy antoniacci.

An accomplished writer and TED Speaker, Mandy

founded upps and started writing her first book from her recovery bed during 147 days of bed rest.  

pick me upps.

sometimes all we need is a little nudge to boost our spirits. get your daily dose!

upps pick me up
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